08 January 2006

Connie reality check on finances

An assessment produced by CBC shows that the Conservative campaign promises will cost taxpayers on the order of $66 billion over the next five years.

That puts them in second place behind the New Democrats who have promised $71 billion in spending.

The Liberal platform was costed at $59.4 billion while the Bloc's platform would cost $55 billion over three years.

Note that all parties have platforms that exceed the projected federal surplus up to the year 2011. The November 19 mini-budget put that figure at $55 million.

Based on that projection, and looking at only the three national parties, Canada will overspend by:

- $16 billion under the New Democrats.
- $12 billion under the Conservatives.
- $ 6 billion under the Liberals.

Genuine fiscal Conservatives must be in a tizzy trying to figure out how to vote. Their traditional voice in the Conservatives turns out to be willing to promise New Democrat-style deficit levels in order to gain power.

Logically, that leads us to one of two conclusions:

Either fiscal conservatives will flock to the Liberals since the Conservatives appear to have lost their financial marbles.


They'll vote Conservative knowing full well the party won't live up to most of the promises it has made.

Odds are good, though, they'll live up to one little plan they tried to keep under wraps:

Lower income Canadians will face a tax increase under the Conservatives.