17 August 2007

The blower of pogs

For your amusement on this friday evening in mid-August ponder the bizarre world in which some people live.

When you can't deal with the substance of an argument, invent a conspiracy. Better still, share the conspiracy among others who have difficulty dealing with the substance of an issue.

or impose censorship.

Any blogger worth his or her salt recognizes a censor when they see one. Some even recognize the censor in themselves, but then promise to rationalize their efforts to stifle genuine free speech.

It's especially easy to spot a censor. They utter lines like "I am all for free speech but...". Consider the truly odd thing when theose words are written by the blogger himself. (The line is in the comment the guy wrote to himself.)

Bonus points for anyone who can figure out why this particular little corner of cyberspace went from telling people - like your humble e-scribbler - who complained about the vicious and libelous anony-slagging in the comments section to get stuffed, to imposing censorship so that only people known to the blog writer (and complete with hidden profiles) can post comments only after they have been vetted by said pseudonymic blog writer.

For those not familiar with the blogs linked above, note that the individuals involved run blogs that have very similar content and tend to comment on each others blogs (when they aren't tracking the great global conspiracy.

Intellectual incest is best, apparently.