18 August 2007

Far from that madding crowd

Presidents in democracies are hemmed in by legislative bodies. Under our present system, whenever there is a majority government in Ottawa, the prime minister is hemmed in by nothing whatsoever. Except on paper, executive powers have been seized from the cabinet, and legislative powers have been removed from the House, all arrogated unto the PM and his faceless PMO in a gradual bloodless coup — so much so that it has become trite political science to say that these days in Canada we elect a “benign” dictator for four years.

There is but one saving grace that may control somewhat the little Napoleons at the top. Voters have taken a fancy to electing minority governments and, according to the polls, intend to do the same next election. Thank God for the wisdom of the motley crowd.

Something suggests Bill might say something decidedly different about the same situation as it relates to his former employer and rellow Rhodes alumnus.