30 August 2007

Ralph Goodale on the 2005 offshore deal

Ralph Goodale is in town for the annual federal liberal caucus meeting. The Telegram grabbed him for an interview. [Photo, left, The Telegram/Rhonda Hayward]

Here are some extracts:

On the flag stunt:
Shortly after, Williams yanked down the Canadian flag from the front of government buildings across the province in a protest that, even now, Goodale finds distasteful.

"I thought then — and I still think today — that approach, that tactic, was unfortunate. I don’t agree on any occasion with any premier, whatever the issue might be, taking that particular slant to it and pulling down the flag," he said.
On the deal as a whole:
"Do I think it was the right deal? Yes I do," he says without hesitation.

"The problem was real, there was justice behind the provinces’ position and, as difficult as the negotiation was and as colourful as some of the tactics were, we had to keep our eye on the ball and work our way through it."
Read the rest. it's an interesting counterpoint to the false information spread local during the discussions and since.