01 March 2008

Mon Dieu! Other places are experiencing demographic change?

From Macleans, a story on resettlement along the Lower North Shore.

Aylmer Sound is an isolated, anglophone community. The town's down to four residents and those four will soon be gone as the province cuts off services. The provincial government has offered financial incentives to get people to move to nearby communities.

There is no road into the town. As you will hear in this little slide show Martin Patriquin had to take a $1200 Air Labrador flight - yeah, that's right 12 hundred bucks - into a nearby town and then head overland.

Maybe you'd have better luck than your humble e-scribbler figuring out the fare on Air Labrador's website for an imaginary flight from St. John's to La Tabatiere, the nearest airport to Aylmer Sound.

Accept the start dates offered by the system which, presumably are dates the airline flies into the community and you get back a message saying there are no flights on those dates.

Air Labrador is owned by the Pike Group of companies, whose head offices are in St. John's.