31 March 2008

One person, two different versions of Tilley's departure

Eastern Health board chair Joan Dawe has given two different accounts of the circumstances surrounding George Tilley's resignation in 2007.

At the time, she told news media Tilley's resignation came as a surprise to the board.

Here are relevant bits of the CBC story from July 10, 2007:

George Tilley's resignation as president and chief executive officer of Eastern Health was announced Monday. No explanation was given in a statement announcing his departure.

Joan Dawe, who chairs the Eastern Health board, said Tilley's resignation was unexpected.


"Mr. Tilley has been dealing with a number of issues, and you are also aware the organization committed to providing an update on the Burin Peninsula radiology review and new information came to light late last week which indicated there are some issues around the outcome of that review," Dawe told CBC News.

Dawe, however, denied there is a link between the radiology review and Tilley's resignation.


But then last week, she said this under oath at the Cameron Inquiry:

Bernard Coffey, Q.C., commission co-counsel: Sure. Now , ma'am , with respect to ... just some questions generally. Before we leave the chronology, though, I'll ask , you've referred to the fact Mr. Tilley is not with the organization any more. Could you tell us, please, what you know about his leaving and did it have anything to do with the ER/PR issue?

Joan Dawe: No. The circumstances surrounding Mr. Tilley's leaving the organization, I think I had made public, that it was related to the Burin radiology review and circumstances all surrounding that. That was the trigger.

Coffey: And was it the Board's - - who instigated his leaving the organization, whose idea was it that he leave?

Dawe: Well , I've indicated earlier the contract between the chief executive officer is with he or she, the Chair of the Board, the Board and the Minister of Health, so it's the three parties. So there was the Minister of Health was certainly involved in discussions regarding dissatisfaction of the leadership of Eastern Health and the Board was engaged in the discussion , as well.