04 March 2008

No case for crowing

When voter turnout drops to a mere 41% from the already abysmal 44.7%, there's no reason for any news story to write about increasing a share of popular vote

This link happens to be to a CBC story; undoubtedly other media will take up the same general approach.

Why wouldn't they?  it's standard political reporting, and to make it worse they can quote political scientists who speak in terms of a stunning victory.

Yet, not a single one seems the least bit curious as to why 60% of the electorate stayed home.

That's a pretty significant question especially given this description of Alberta:

Driven by the booming oilsands, the province is grappling with major growth pressures, including a lack of affordable housing and aging infrastructure, as well as balancing environmental concerns with the massive oilsands developments.

Ed Stelmach won.

But 60% of Albertans didn't vote, let alone vote for him.