25 March 2008

Rip-off Ron's Campaign for Deputy Mayor

Deputy mayor wannabe Ron Ellsworth - he being the guy who apparently believes he has been blessed by Danny Hisself to go not just to the mayor's chair in the fall but to the 8th floor ultimately as well - is running what amounts to be a campaign of rip-offs.

  1. His campaign slogan - Back to basics - is the slogan Simon Lono used in his unsuccessful bid for an At Large seat in 2005. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; in this case it's a blatant rip-off.
  2. The Idea is also a rip-off since Ellsworth record on council isn't about basics at all. Remember when he defended dumping millions more down the Mile One money pit than when he was first elected to council? Yeah, that's Ron's idea of basics. Of course, he admitted he wouldn't sink his own money in the thing as a private business venture since it would never make money, but apparently your money and mine was fine to waste on a venture that can't turn a profit. And then the guy heralds his supposed stance for "real and practical fiscal issues". Talk about a rip-off.
  3. Then there's this great line: a "no-nonsense" approach. Well, where most people come from, no-nonsense doesn't include lies. If you do a poll and a reporter asks you if you know anything about it, a no-nonsense approach would be to fess up. Ellsworth no-nonsense approach was to tell CBC he had no connection to it. And then to admit he did know all about it. That sounds pretty much like nonsense, which makes the whole claim to "no-nonsense" to be ... wait, for it... a rip-off.

If presenting rip-off after rip-off is Ron's idea of a campaign of getting back to basics, we can only wait once Ron starts filling in his blog.