05 November 2009

How will you remember?


The official description of the 2009 Veterans Affairs poster:

The Veterans’ Week 2009 poster pays tribute to Canada’s service men and women who have served this nation from the First World War to current missions.

The Veteran featured in the background on the left of the poster is Harold Wishart as he salutes his fallen comrades. Mr. Wishart was a pilot in the Second World War and since then he has done so much to preserve the memory of the achievements made by Canadians in wartime and in peace.

Over the years, Mr. Wishart was a very active member of the Wartime Pilots’ and Observers’ Association and the former provincial chairman of the Royal
Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Benevolent Fund.

The image seen in the background features Canadian Forces soldiers on the international mission in Afghanistan as they pause for remembrance. These men and women are continuing Canada’s legacy, passed on by our Veterans, of defending peace, freedom and the preservation of human values worldwide.

The central image features a young girl, Brianna Arsenault, whose reflections on the contributions of our Veterans and Canadian Forces members in Afghanistan are demonstrated in her creation of a poppy. The image reflects this year’s call to action to all Canadians through the phrase “How will you Remember?” which asks Canadians to think about their own remembrance and participation in remembrance activities.

Canadians are encouraged to take an active role in commemoration and to ensure that the selfless dedication of Canadian Veterans is never forgotten. Talk with Veterans and Canadian Forces members about their service to Canada, learn how serving our nation has changed their lives, and pass on what you have learned to your peers.