05 November 2009

Williams wants energy sell-off in NL, too

Danny Williams in 2009, on the sale of NB Power which will reduce the provincial debt by 40%:

"They've agreed to sell away their future."

Danny Williams, in 2008, on his own plans for the energy corporation owned by the provincial government in Newfoundland and Labrador:

This particular government wants to strengthen Hydro, wants to make it a very valuable corporation: a corporation that will ultimately pay significant dividends back to the people of this Province; a corporation that perhaps some day may have enough value in its assets overall as a result of the Hebron deal and the White Rose deal, possible Hibernia deal, possible deals on gas, possible deals on oil refineries and other exploration projects, where hopefully we might be able to sell it some day and pay off all the debt of this Province, and that would be a good thing.

Huge tip of the hat to Geoff Meeker and ultimately labradore for that one. It is amazing after all this time and the countless examples just like this one that conventional media still report his comments on anything without balancing them with his other comments about the same thing.