03 November 2009

Oh where, oh where did his big report go?

The province’s auditor general release a report last week to update issues covered by some of his previous reports.

or did he?

Your humble e-scribbler dutifully noted the release when it appeared and flagged it for later examination.  returning to the site today, your humble e-scribbler found that the release had mysteriously disappeared.

There are traces of it, though, just in case you were thinking the old boy had finally lost it entirely. 

AG 2 On the government website you can find the archive of AG news releases.

The month of October is there but underneath it is nary a thing.  Odd that, given that in other months where nothing was said, not even the name of the silent month is noted.

AG1 On the AG website, the name of the report is there  - right at the top of the pile -  but the report itself is not.

Interesting, wot?