01 September 2010

The August Traffic round-up

Were you one of the 12, 969 13,034 people who viewed 18,744 18,828 Bond Papers pages in August?  If not, then you missed out on these, the 10 most-viewed pages:

  1. Orcas and minkes whales off Newfoundland:  video
  2. Ah, that explains everything…
  3. Jerome! if you want to…
  4. Williams, Dexter ink secret energy deal…but with whom?
  5. The Old Man, Old Habits and Old Chestnuts
  6. Court docket now online
  7. Government by Fernando (2006)
  8. Five years of secret talks on the Lower Churchill:  the Dunderdale audio
  9. Bell 206 Crash – Photo Interpretation (2009)
  10. I knew Marilyn Monroe (2008)

An understandable month and a totally bizarro month at the same time. 

The Orcas and minke videos were hugely popular and not surprisingly that came in as the top post of the month.

Whether it’s energy deals, energy non-deals, and the whole racket with Quebec, you can count on those posts being popular.

No surprise, either,  that people are still keen to hear deputy premier Kathy Dunderdale on the story the mainstream media have ignored for almost exactly one whole year.

The Number Six post is just a sign of the number of lawyers – or their clients – who visit BP to keep up on the local political and courthouse scene.

But in the bizarro world of Newfoundland and Labrador politics, nothing came as  such a shock as discovering that people loved a 2006 post, “Government by Fernando.”  In the same vein, the Number 10 post is an old one about a celebrity too, this time Lindsay Lohan.

Every month people find something intriguing or entertaining at Bond Papers.

There’s no way of knowing in advance exactly what they’ll read and that makes it pure fun.

- srbp -