25 September 2010

Comprehensive #igornl coverage

@cbcnl’s website gives the most comprehensive collection of Hurricane Igor coverage out there.

You’ll also find a decent site at The Telegram, @stjohnstelegram on Twitter. Some stunning photos on their story pages.  Hopefully they’ll collect them together in a special space.  The shots and the shooters deserve that recognition.

  • Read further, Twillick Update:  There are three photo slide shows on the Telly site.  Just scroll down to find them.
  • There is also a great collection of photos on the Packet website.  That’s the weekly in Clarenville.
  • The Southern Gazette is the weekly on the Burin peninsula, another area severely affected by Igor.

NTV News doesn’t have a separate Igor space but their website contains all their broadcast stories. Ditto VOCM, the largest private radio broadcaster in the province.


- srbp -