08 September 2010

The Not-So-Great Escape

Police and news media described two men who escaped from provincial prison on Tuesday as “violent”  or as having convictions for offences involving violence.

All media report that someone – presumably provincial prison guards - a small white car acting suspiciously near the prison.  As one spokesperson described to CBC Radio’s mid-day show, the suspicious activity involved driving around an area that is basically deserted except for the prison.

If provincial prison officials noticed the car, did they call the local police detachment before they discovered the escape?

And if VOCM is correct, the pair escaped by slipping under a fence. Apparently no one ever heard of burying the bottom part of the fence below ground level in order to frustrate the mile-like behaviour of some criminals.

That’s interesting because a 2008 report on the province’s prisons noted the province’s prison system suffered from weak security, aging infrastructure  and management problems. A CBC news story on the report includes a link to a copy of the entire report, complete with the faulty redactions of the version originally release by the provincial justice department.  The blacked out sections can be read by anyone with basic computer skills.

- srbp -