03 October 2010

Municipal affairs minister passes away after lengthy illness

Municipal affairs minister Diane Whelan died on Sunday after a lengthy battle with cancer.

The Premier issued a statement sometime on Sunday.  There is is no time on the release.

It is with a very heavy heart that I mourn the passing of my cabinet colleague and dear friend, Dianne Whalen; one of the most courageous individuals I have ever known and one of our province’s most devoted champions.

While valiantly battling cancer the strength of her spirit and the conviction behind her words was as passionate and unshakable as ever. Even during her illness, she continued to diligently advance the work of her department and participate fully in Cabinet, always determined to carry on with her responsibilities.

Whelan was hospitalised in late 2009 with an undisclosed illness.  She took a leave of absence from her cabinet duties, later returned to work but again took a leave of absence some time ago.

Whelan’s illness last year came hot on the heels of two high-profile departures from cabinet which prompted a cabinet mini-shuffle.  In July, the Premier appointed newly elected member of the House Paul Davis to serve as “Legislative Assistant” for the department.

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