08 October 2010

AB fishing camp mystery solved

As it turns out, the numbered company registered in Alberta that is buying a fishing camp in Labrador from AbitibiBowater for $1.4 million is connected to Chris Verbiski, one of the co-discoverers of the massive nickel and copper find at Voisey’s Bay.


1512513 Alberta Ltd. lists its business address at the same downtown St. John’s office suite occupied by Verbiski’s Coordinates Capital Corporation. The office outside the province in the corporate register (above) is for a Calgary law firm.

A 2009 news release on Verbiski’s appointment to the board of International Royalty describes Coordinates Capital as a “private natural resource investment firm.”  The entry in the Newfoundland Labrador companies register lists Verbiski as the only director. 

The companies registry in Newfoundland and Labrador lists the same address for the numbered Alberta company and Coordinates Capital but gives a different contact name for the numbered company.


- srbp -