06 February 2014

Cross another one off the imaginary list #nlpoli

A day after the shocking news that Tim Powers is not going to be a candidate for Conservative Party leader in Newfoundland and Labrador,  another imaginary candidate dropped out of a race he was never in.

Charlie Oliver announced on Wednesday he would back Bill Barry, most likely.

And instead of running to be Premier, Charlie wants to fund some sort of “think tank” instead.

Now Charlie might come through with the dough, but the whole idea looks a lot more like something someone gave Charlie to say as a way of saving face.

According to the news release a local advertising company issued on Charlie’s behalf,  “invitations will be extended”  to smart people to figure out what to do about “our overburdened health care, education, and the unfunded pension liability.”  The release describes these as “core issues” and “challenging issues”.

But then the release describes the think tank as something that won;t be bothered with current issues – which would be the three already listed, of course – but rather some other stuff called “issues of the decade”  or even the cliche of cliche “motherhood” issues.

Blah.  Blah.  Blah.

An imaginary candidate backs away with a pledge to fund something that is so vague he doesn’t even know what it is these super smart people will be dreaming up solutions for.

When will another real candidate show up?


This sort of stuff is just so sad-assed it’s painful to watch.