12 February 2014

No brainer #nlpoli

Tuesday’s scrum with Danny Williams proved at least two things

The first is that the Old Man will say anything that comes into his head and most of it isn’t even close to true.  Second is that the local reporters gaggled around him wouldn’t call him on his obvious bullshit if their lives depended on it.

Never have.

Never will.

Among other things on Tuesday,  the Old Man claimed that building a new electricity transmission line to western Labrador from Churchill Falls is a “no brainer” because without the electricity the company whose board Danny sits on won’t build the new Kami mine.

“No juice, no project. It’s as simple as that. But I think that government gets that. I mean, the company has been after government now for a couple years, and I think basically what government needed was assurance that this project was a go.”

You don’t have to be a Rhodes scholar to see the inherent contradiction in Williams’ comment.  Without the power, the company won’t build the mine. The provincial government wanted assurances that the company would build the mine.  So the project isn’t a go, according to Williams, therefore the provincial government has no assurance on mine construction.

Then there is the assumption implicit in the comment that the power has to come from the provincial energy company, Nalcor.  As Williams knows, Alderon could cut a deal and wheel power in from Hydro-Quebec if they wanted to.  Or the company could run the mine on diesel generation.  That last one might not be the most desirable option but it is a possibility if the company was serious about building the mine and couldn’t find power any other way.

But then there’s this other issue that cropped up a day after Williams made his comments.  Seems that things are not looking good for Cliffs Natural resources and their Scully mine in Wabush.  The company is shutting the mine, effective immediately.  Shutting down Scully will free up enough electricity from the existing grid to feed Alderon’s project. 

It’s a no brainer.