09 October 2008

And on the up side...

St. John's East Liberal candidate Walter Noel's political experience shone through at the start of an all-candidates forum on the local CBC Morning Show this morning.

When asked to identify the most important issue for his riding, Noel said it was the economy.

Noel hit that one and then nailed the corollary, given that the Conservative candidate isn't a contender:  the NDP ain't the ones to trust with managing the nation's economic problems.

Given the shifting strategic landscape and given that Jack Layton has abandoned his campaign goal to form a government, it reminds people they should be thinking twice about a stampede toward the Orange in the East.

It might be too little way too late, but you gotta give credit where it's due.

New Democrat Jack Harris  - the front runner - said the big issue for him was affordable housing.  Good choice but hardly likely to be the top-of-mind issue for voters in the riding, including Jack's own supporters.



Dennis said...

A thought:

Perhaps, without any polling numbers of our own, we shouldn't be commenting on what the top issue is for voters in the riding (and therefore how accurate either Jack or that thief Noel are)?

Another thought:

Did Noel really "hit that one"? Blurting out 'the economy' in this news climate seems to be as impressive as a kid tossed into a pool saying their main concern was "water".

Edward G. Hollett said...

Dennis, even without a poll in my hands, I can be reasonably comfortable in saying that the top issue on everyone's mind everywhere in the country right at this moment is the economy.

Walter didn't interpret the question literally. He answered the question, though, using what I think is a strategic message the Liberals are carrying right at this moment:

1. It's the economy.

2. On that issue, the NDP don't cut it.

You don't have to agree with the idea but for a Liberal, that's pretty much the issue you want to push as people go to the polls. Make them think about it.

Jack plucked an issue - affordable housing - that hasn't popped up and isn't likely to pop up on any major survey of issues.

That doesn't mean the issue isn't important, it just means that it isn't the one that isn't likely to connect with the largest number of voters and certainly isn't likely to be the one that a major or even a significant number are going to use as the issue that determines their vote.

Mark said...

The irony about "affordable housing" as a campaign issue is that many baby boomers in Jack's riding are celebrating the dramatic rise in housing prices as it represents a nest egg for their retirement. Affordable housing is very much a legitimate issue, but voters cant have it both ways. you can't complain about housing prices at the ballot box and at the same time hope to see the value of your own home shoot up to realize a return on your investment.