04 October 2008

Campaign zoo diaries

1. Palin:  One too many pucks to the head.  The Republicans were desperate enough when they nominated Sarah Palin for the veep spot on the Republican ticket.  [Hint:  Despite what it seems, HNGs are not really a big enough demographic to win an election on.]  Now Palin is showing how completely wasted the GOP is, accusing Obama of "palling around with terrorists".

Palin's a self-described hockey mom.  Maybe she's taken one too many pucks to the head.

2.  Dippers lose a dipstick.  Well, another dipstick, as in a candidate they should never have nominated in the first place.  Yeppers. How many is that now?

3.  Not really plagiarism this time.  Stephen Harper says that he cribbed a couple of bits of a Mike Harris speech, but says what he used were "fairly standard" bits of political rhetoric.

Translation:  "If we keep killing staff whenever I screw up there'll be no one left to follow my orders."