13 October 2008

The old Connies make a come back

Hiding candidates from the media and shoving reporters who try and ask a question.

Yeah, not like we haven't seen that before.

Will CTV look for assault charges to be laid?

"The non-consensual application of force by one person to another is an assault."



Mark said...

More likely a desperate ploy by CTV journos to peddle a story that makes them look neutral in the dying days of the campaign.

Peter said...

Reminds me of a funny quote I heard once:

"I don't know. What happened? If you don't know, The cameras were there. Some people came in my way, it might have been... I had to go, so if you are in my way, I am walking. So I don't know what happened. Something happened to somebody who should not have been there."

Peter Jackson