08 October 2008

Pattern behaviour

Faced with the prospect he can't deliver his consistently stated goal of ensuring no Conservatives are elected in Newfoundland and Labrador, Danny Williams shifted the goals of his Family Feud and completely reinvented what it was all about.

He did it a few weeks ago.

He repeated the completely rejigged goal of his ABC campaign and CBC is reporting the shift.

No one should be surprised.

It's part of the pattern.



Wejitu said...

Idiot. They way I understand it is Premier Williams campaigns for anyone but Conservative, but he doesn't "tell" people who to vote for and he has never said or implied that "he" would deliver no conservatives elected. You practice too much american journalism.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Name-calling is always a convincing way to start any comment.

Perhaps your understanding is skewed by reading too many Provincial Conservative family feud talking points. You certainly repeated the current media lines very well, right down to raising the red herring about telling people who to vote for.

Name-calling and then denying something that was never said.

Very convincing.

fyodor said...

Ed it's not that you cant write ,Gee, its just that you squeeze and turn the true intention from any statement. Don't be so radical in trying to get your point across. That way you might be somewhat believable. Its just your dislike or whatever you want to call it, shines thru anytime you write or talk about Mr Williams.

It Isn't a personal attack towards you ,its an attack on your open dislike of a man that has done so much for the great province you live in Ed. Thats all. My apologys if you don't like my comment.

Say "Hi" to Wallace for me. I kinda miss our chats. Later " Eddy"

Edward G. Hollett said...

Things must be heating up in ABC land when the attacks get personal, as this one clearly does, Fyodor.

It's a classic Stalinist technique, tovarische. You practice it very well.

fyodor said...

"It's a classic Stalinist technique, tovarische. You practice it very well."

Well I hope you do enjoy it "comrade." And thank you for your comment.Coming from you Ed I shall take it as a compliment.:)

Edward G. Hollett said...


I spent a lot of time as a young man studying dictatorships so that I could counteract their techniques.