06 June 2011

Mythbusting: Not Kari, but still worth a look

labradore charts the total electricity output from Nalcor, less Churchill Falls, Menihek and a few other bits and pieces.

Note that thermal generation – mostly Holyrood has been less than 20% of the total in four of the past five years.  Total generation in 2010 was about 5,000 gigawatts compared to more than 6,300 in 2002.

That would mean – for those who are a little slow on a Monday – that demand has dropped dramatically in the past eight years.

That is most definitely not what Nalcor and the current provincial government have been pretending in their obsession with building an Empire of Public Debt.

- srbp -

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Brad Cabana said...

Hi Ed, I have been doing alot of research on this topic as well. My numbers show consumption is now the same as it was in 1992. Likely as the result of the closure of the two big mills.We've been drooping since 2003. As far as I can see all the power produced from the Lower Churchill will have to be sold as it's all surplus.Unfortunately, the link only handles 500 mw, and Emera gets its 170 free mw, which leaves a grand total of 330 for us to sell at 6 cents per kwh.What are we supposed to do with the 350 mw we can't sell and we can't use?