09 June 2011

From battalions to no cuts: how Connie promises have changed

Once upon a time, the federal Conservatives promised the good people of Happy Valley-Goose bay that their airport would once again be the scene of major military activity. 

Battalions of infantry soldiers and fleets of unmanned flying contraptions., none of which appeared despite promises and assurances and wild claims from everyone including the Pavement Putin of the Permafrost that these things were on the way.

Fast forward to a Conservative majority, including Peter Penashue as the member for Labrador and the man with a federal cabinet seat.

Now Penashue is merely assuring the people of Labrador there’ll be no more cuts at the Goose Bay base.

As Voice of the Cabinet Minister reported Penashue’s speech to a St. John’s Rotary club:

There will be no cuts to 5-Wing Goose Bay. So says the federal
minister responsible for Newfoundland and Labrador, Peter Penashue. He says the federal defence minister, Peter MacKay, told him there will
be no change this year.

But here’s the thing people in Labrador might ponder:  is that promise of no cuts as reliable as the promise of infinite riches?

- srbp -