10 June 2011

Political impotence and the little blue pills

Fish minister Clyde “The Finger” Jackman is going to fight to save a local coast guard co-ordination centre and its dozen jobs.

Well, that’s what the torqued CBC headline says. 

The provincial government he’s a part of has a financial mess of its own creation on its hands and no plan to deal with it and Jackman has been the major obstacle to serious fisheries reform in the province but that’s another issue.

But why does Jackman have to fight for anything at all with the federal Conservatives under Stephen Harper?

After all Clyde and all his provincial Conservative buddies campaigned vigorously for the federal Conservatives in the recent general election.  Well, okay some campaigned more vigorously than others but you get the idea. 

They shouldn’t have to do anything but pick up the phone and ask their friends to fix things back up again.
Jackman’s help in the last federal election apparently counted for exactly jack-shite.  He met with his federal counterpart, uttered a few choice words and left empty-handed, much like those people in the fishery who worked hard, gave Jackman a report on restructuring and then watched the minister fling it back in their faces for no good reason.

That’s likely to be as effective as what CBC’s report quotes as Jackman’s advice to other seriously interested in this issue:
"I've encouraged people, you know, to write to the minister to do what they have to get their points across," said Jackman.
Much like the fisheries reform thingy.

But why should anyone have to do anything?  Kathy Dunderdale can just call her friend Stephen Harper and the whole thing will be solved.  After all, the Premier made her choice, is proud of her choice and thinks she did a wonderful job even if the overwhelming majority of voters – including rafts of her own supporters – went with another choice.

Kath and her Krew are rapidly becoming the poster children for political impotence.

Not the cure for it mind you.

Just fine examples of political dysfunction…

And of course how this bunch of little blue pills can’t cure it.

- srbp -