22 June 2011

Well did she know in advance?

The shipyard that supposedly had so much work it didn’t know what to do just laid off 250 workers.

Makes you wonder why the company dropped out of a lucrative shipbuilding contract and – equally – why Kathy Dunderdale took the news without batting an eyelid.

Did she know in advance?

And why exactly did they drop out of the multi-billion dollar JSS contract competition?

Say it ain’t so Update:  This story from voice of the cabinet minister certainly looks like we have a major problem at Kiewit, that the provincial government has known about the problems for some time, and that their only solution is to try and rush through a provincial government ferry contract to keep the yard open, at least in the near term.

So how long has the provincial government known about the problem?

How bad is it?

And why did the provincial government keep the story from the people who will likely be paying to keep the yard going?

The VOCM story before it gets disappeared:

The MHA for Grand Bank is questioning Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Company's commitment to the people of the Burin Peninsula. Labour Minister Darin King calls the layoffs at the Marystown shipyard unfortunate, but he says the government has been working studiously with Kiewit and the union to develop a new ferry strategy that could greatly assist the community's shipyard.


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