02 June 2011

Dundernomics 101: All your toasters are belong to us

labradore does yet another fine job exposing the completely ludicrous claims of those backing Kathy Dunderdale’s Empire of Debt, doing business as the Muskrat Falls project.

Specifically, labradore tackles the idea that electricity demand in the province is growing such that the only sensible alternative to the current situation is to build this super expensive project and force local ratepayers to pay the full freight for it.  Excess power – and there’ll be lots of it – would be sold outside the province at huge discounts, courtesy of the fine folks in what noob Bloc MP Ryan Cleary calls Newfoundland Labrador. 

There are no conjunctions in his world-view apparently.

In any event, labradore offers up two charts compiled from official government figures.  They show energy demand in two different ways.

See if you can spot a growth in demand.

Unlike Nalcor’s open house propaganda sessions, there won’t be a hundred bucks as a door prize for showing up to this little exercise. 

You could, however save yourself from doubling your own electricity rates so other people can profit by Kathy Dunderdale’s folly.

Oh and to understand the title you have to read the quote from Hansard over at labradore.  make sure you turn away from the screen when you do the spit-take.  no need to get the computer all mucked up.

- srbp -