03 August 2011

The continued taberization of political reporting in Canada

sadteeOnly Jane Taber – a well-known twit – could compare Nycole Turmel to Winston Churchill and, at the same time, try and float the ridiculous premise that a handful of people changing political parties in the past couple of decades federally counts as some sort of massive re-alignment of the political universe in Canada.

How friggin’ fatuous can one person be?

- srbp -


WJM said...

How friggin’ fatuous can one person be?

Except there are two people she quotes in the article arguing (A) that floor-crossing is on the increase, and (B) that this signals a "realignment".

Edward Hollett said...

Well, that would make three. I just looked at it from the standpoint that Taber was full of crap yet again. The others have been known to make valid points.