15 August 2011

Westcott packs it in

Craig Westcott confirmed Monday he’ll be leaving the opposition office and returning to run his newspapers. 

Here’s the statement he released:

Yvonne and I have agreed that my position will conclude on August 31. I will return to my two newspapers The Business Post and the Irish Loop Post. It has been a great privilege to have worked with Yvonne Jones and the staff in the Office of the Official Opposition, which plays a key role in the proper functioning of our democratic form of government. I made some great friends there and wish every one in the office tremendous success. It was a very positive experience and I am grateful for the hard work and support and the many personal kindnesses that Yvonne, Kelvin, Roland, Marshall and the very talented people in the office provided me. It was great being a part of that team. As publicly stated when I accepted the position last year, my intention was always to return to the newspaper business and journalism. My commitment was to help Yvonne and her team through to the election. Now that the leadership situation has changed, Yvonne has kindly relieved me from that obligation effective the end of this month, which facilitates an earlier return to my papers for which I am extremely grateful. I am looking forward to returning to journalism much the better for the experience of the past year.

With that position vacant so close to the election, the office will need to staff it soon. 

Speculation is likely to mount on who will get the job now that Westcott is leaving. Aylward has a number of former staffers who he might want close by him.  Then again he might go with someone new.

There’s no doubt though that Craig Westcott sharpened the Opposition’s political game in a way only the truly miserable or completely ignorant would fail to acknowledge

- srbp -