13 August 2011

The traffic that shook the world

Plenty of people shit bricks this week, from the leaders of two of the province’s political parties to the people who thought they had a lock on leading the third one.

The week started with word that Liberal leader Yvonne Jones had to leave the job due to illness.

That likely clenched a few bums.

As the race heated up to replace her, those same bums likely tried tried to swallow themselves as word tweeted that no less a star than former chief of defence staff was considering a run at the job.

As the week ended, the Liberals had seven declared candidates to replace Jones with an election only 60 days away.

Both the province’s Tories and New Democrats figured everything was nice and predictable.

Boy were they wrong.

In a mere five day span in the middle of August, the political world in Newfoundland and Labrador has seen more upheaval than it has in the previous decade.

Not only will the Liberals have a new leader before the next week begins, but the public firestorm of speculation over Rick Hillier shook the assumptions of all those people who believed that the incumbent Tories had a lock on their votes.

People switch.

And for all those people who think 60 days isn’t enough time for people to shift their political minds for lesser mortals than Rick, consider how quickly once cozy beliefs have vanished in the past year.

All those people who believed Danny would not disappear until after 2011 got the rudest shock of their lives when he skedaddled in the space of a week in late November/early December 2010.


The Tories falling in the polls?

Unthinkable until now, but fall they have.

Tories in danger of losing seats?

What else could possibly explain the orgy of public spending in the undeclared election campaign.

Dear friends, the next 60 days are going to be some of the most exciting times in recent political history in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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