16 August 2011

Three parties, two leaders, one policy, no sense

Remember that thing about hardly being able to slide a sheet of paper between the three political parties in the current general election?

Well, newly minted Liberal boss Kevin Aylward wants to put your tax dollars into running a coast guard co-ordination centre in place of the federal one Ottawa is moving to Halifax.  He told CBC’s Fisheries Broadcast that one was going in the policy book on Monday.

And Kevin wants to keep shelling out the cash until the feds change their minds.

Which of course will be never, given that Kevin has agreed to force you and me to foot the bill for it out of our provincial tax dollars instead of making the guys in Ottawa do it.

Regular readers of these e-scribbles will recognise this idea.

Kathy Dunderdale announced it first.

Some may recall what your humble e-scribbler wrote back in June: thinking with her ass.

Well, the idea isn’t any smarter when it comes from Kevin Aylward’s ass instead of Kathy Dunderdale’s butt.

And before the New Democrats start thinking they are any brighter, let’s all remember that the whole fight started in the first place with the NDP sole shareholder – public sector unions – directing their political arm to take up the cudgels on this one.

Yvonne Jones got snookered into joining the NDP partisan protest over it, then got lambasted any time she tried anything with accusations she was trying to make the event partisan.

So here we are with three parties, two leaders of which have  endorsed the same policy and that policy makes no sense at all.

What has changed?

- srbp -