17 August 2011

No man is an island: Mount Pearl edition

There are few things about provincial Conservative Steve Kent’s website that stand out.

First, as of August 16, the blog hasn’t been updated since the 2007 general election.

Second, it really is all about Steve.  High speed flash animation of photos of Steve – all by himself – in various poses and settings.

Third, Steve missed the memo on whose party he belongs to.

Forget Dunderdale2011.

Steve’s a Dapper Dan man:


h/t to the Twitterverse

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One Woman said...

In may not be relevant, but I noticed that in many of his pictures, the top of his head is cut off. Just saying.

Chris (Mombie) said...

Clearly it should have been taken down before now, but aside from that, the site makes sense for when it was produced.

An election blog should focus on the candidate and show an affliation with the party leader. It doesn't need updates after the election.

And, yes, I am a friend of Steve's and I do live in Mount Pearl, so I do have that bias.

However, I would feel the same about anyone's old election site.

Edward Hollett said...

It should have been taken down or - as I would argue - morphed into his MHA blog where he could keep people informed about his actions as a member of the legislature.

MHAs have never paid much attention to that basic business of keeping constituents informed about their activities, even though there has been cash available for it since 1989.

Steve's no different from all the other MHAs in that regard.

Sadly, and not surprisingly, since people don't expect MHAs to do better, they don't. They get paid a huge amount of money compared to many and do relatively little for it.

Chris (Mombie) said...

Yes, it should have come down and I think it would be helpful for most MHAs to have blogs. Although, I think they would be deadly dull in most cases - perhaps we're better off!

As for keeping constituents informed, I know Steve sends out a newsletter to his constituents a couple of times a year (I'm not in his district so I'm not sure how often), so that's a point in his favour on that count at least.

I'm not sure how to respond to your comment about how little MHAs do, even attending events and the like would be too much for my introverted self so that on top of the business of government seems like a huge task to me.

I guess that's why you're in the business of political commentary, and I'm not. :)

Edward Hollett said...

They need only be as dull as the MHA wants.

Given the marvels of modern technology they could be a very useful way of gauging public opinion on different subjects.

A newsletter twice a year seems hardly worth speaking about given that the fellow is engaged 24/7 in the job and now has a pseudo-ministerial job.

As for what MHAs do, the attending events thing is the least weighty part of the job. They have nothing to do in the legislature or on the business of holding the government accountable. The House seldom sits and has no functioning committees as you would find in any other legislature worthy of the name. frankly it is pathetic and shameful.

If Steve spent one tenth the energy being a legislator instead of sucking for a promotion and pushing crap on Open Line four times a year, he might get some sympathy from me.

As it is, he has shown himself to be a big part of a problem, not the solution.

Chris (Mombie) said...

I'm commenting again primarily so you know that I've read your comments, I wouldn't want you to think I was a drive-by commenter who doesn't care what you have to say.

That being said, I don't think you are being fair in your assessment of Steve or of the legislature in general. However, since I don't have the background or political savvy to discuss this in more detail, I'm going to let it drop here.

Edward Hollett said...

Thanks for the feedback Chris. I am just giving you my version. I've been around the legislature for a while and interested in and active in politics for a very long while.

Things have deteriorated to an incredible degree. My comments are not aimed personally at Steve. I just use him here as a prime example of the rather vacuous and superficial nature of politics in the province these days.