26 August 2011

Random Post (Not) in Latin: no garters, no glory edition


Honi soit qui mal y pense

- srbp -


Peter said...

Why aren't you having a field day with Brad Cabana's "lawsuit"? Oh, right. Can't mock a fellow Tory-basher.

Edward Hollett said...

well done, Peter. You gave an example of exactly the sort of comment that deserves the retort evil to he who thinks evil.

You may not have meant to do it but the motto of the order of the garter seems to fit your example.


Peter said...

You are the most artful question dodger. I tip my hat.

Blech said...

By happy coincidence, "honi soit qui mal y pense" is also the motto on the coat of arms displayed in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador.
That is the forum for the defamation action which Mr. Cabana has promised us.
Ah, serendipity.

Edward Hollett said...

Peter, I treated your comment with all the contempt it deserved and much more attention that it warranted.

And yes, Blech, that motto appears on many emblems that derive from the British Crown.

It is, though, the motto of the Order of the Garter.

Peter said...

You went to town with Hickey vs Grimes. But now, nothing. I rest my case.

Edward Hollett said...

So in your little melodrama of yours where different things are the same, who is playing what part?

In the Hickey foolishness, Hickey sued Roger Grimes for defamation when it was, in fact, Danny Williams who had defamed him.

In this case, you have Cabana who accused French of curruption, French who denied saying particular words, French who then defamed Cabana and Cabana is threatening to sue.

Sorry, Peter but your logic is a bit hard to follow even if we accept the premise of your comment which is to make this all an attack on me.

Can you fill in the back story running around in your head?

Peter said...

Dodge and rationalize. A double threat. You, are, indeed the master.

Edward Hollett said...

If you cannot explain what you meant by your original comment, Peter, I guess there's little chance the rest of us can help you.

And then to foist the blame for your shortcomings on others: how very much like John Hickey and his law suit against Roger Grimes for something Danny Williams said.

No wonder you adore them so.