25 October 2005

A home for former child stars

Isn't it really strange how out-of-work actors and second- and third-tier "celebrities like Anna Nicole get involved in the animal rights movement?

Maybe they are well intentioned. Maybe, just maybe some of them are looking to expand their audience and hence marketability.

Next spring, they'll be back, in force, speaking out against the cruelties of the seal hunt.

Take a look at this video by Penn & Teller, part of their Showcase program, Bullsh*t!.

Does the Pamelyn Ferdin taking part in the Los Angeles animal control protest look familiar to you?

Turns out she was a child star in 1960s and 1970s.

Yep, she's the cute little girl from one of the worst episodes of the original Star Trek. That's her (left) being comforted by Canada's own Bill Shatner.

The former actress is apparently committed to total animal liberation, which means no pets and no animals in research among other things.