25 October 2005

Save animals! Kill humans!

Peter Gullage did a great story earlier this year pointing to the links between Paul Watson and a radical animal rights activist, Jerry Vlasak.

Thanks to the Penn and Teller vid, we can link Watson and the Sea Shepherd society to yet another violent individual.

The guy's name is Rod Coronado. He appears in the Penn and Teller thing, mentioning that he remains a member of Paul Watson's outfit.

A simple google search and you turn up this link to a profile of the Sea Shepherd group.

"Several nations including Japan have pressured the United States to declare Sea Shepherd a terrorist organization. Controversial animal rights activist Rod Coronado, who has had numerous legal problems stemming from his activism, got his start in activism with Sea Shepherd, where he participated in one of Sea Shepherd's best-known and most controversial actions, the scuttling of two ships from Iceland's whaling fleet while in port in 1986."

Coronado served 57 months in prison for fire-bombing research offices at Michigan State University. He is currently under indictment for other activities in Oregon.


And just to close the loop:

Jerry Vlasak is married to Pam Ferdin, the former child actress.