31 October 2005

Up the dose, Sheila

When it looked like the Gomery Commission was going to skewer the Martin Liberals, Sheila Copps and her associates danced with glee on the grave that had yet to be dug.

Now that it looks like Gomery won't follow the course Sheila et al. would have preferred, she is seeking to sink the thing with rumour, speculation and innuendo.

The Sun, of course, is that bastion of journalism that tried to paint a bull's eye on people like Rick Mercer by outing their morale-boosting trip to Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Sheila, of course, is the bitter Liberal leadership candidate who got creamed by Paul Martin in the leadership run and then capped it off by self-immolating with a bad tactical decision during a nomination fight in her own riding.

The former deputy prime minister during the near-debacle referendum a decade ago and the one who came up with the Print Millions of Flags to Save Canada nonsense is now attacking Paul Martin with a degree of hatred that would make Brian Pallister look like a wuss.

Somehow Sheila seems to think that a well-respected judge with no known partisan affiliations and a process that included Brian Mulroney's former chief of staff as one of the inquiry's lead counsel will now do something other than tell the truth.

Give it a rest, Sheila.

Or up the dose on the meds.

Looks like Rick Mercer made a good call, albeit for other reasons.