10 October 2005

Norm Doyle - some curious thoughts

The Spindy recycled a story this week about the St. John's airport authority looking to attract more "military tourist" traffic to the local airport.

What they mean is that the airport wants to see if it can attract more refueling business to the capital city's newly renovated airport.

On the face of it, this has got to be the most ludicrous idea imaginable. The military traffic through the airport is based on international conditions. The only way we can boost traffic is by having another war break out somewhere.

The airport's logic sounds nice. But the more you think about it the more you realize these guys are just off base. Some consultant is making a fortune figuring out the "decision factors" that go into bringing American aircraft here versus somewhere else.

Some clues:

1. There must be an overseas deployment, either an operation or an exercise. They need a reason to fly across the Atlantic.

2. The aircraft must be a type that cannot fly across the Atlantic without refueling. Big visitors were C-130 Hercules variants and DC-9 variants.

Beyond that, the presence of a vibrant nightlife and decent hotels meet just about all the requirements.

The Americans will be concerned somewhat about the relative cost of the Canadian dollar and high fuel prices, but basically fuel is a given - they need it. The Americans might try and find ways to double-up their travel, but as long as there are troops in Iraq, the Americans will fly through St. John's to get there.

Which brings us to the comments of St. John's North Connie member of parliament Norman Doyle.

Seems Doyle is thrilled with all the business coming to his riding, but he has some qualms about the source of the lucre.

As Normie told The Spindy: "I would certainly not support helping aircraft to service the war in Iraq because that would be the same as involving Canada in the war in Iraq."

Norm, Norm, Norm.

Canada has already supported the American campaign in Iraq directly and indirectly, including sending our own troops there as part of American and British units.

This military traffic has been going on for years.

The only way we could satisfy Norm's moral qualms would be to ban American military equipment and people from Canada.

Just think about Norm's comments logically; that's the implication.

Has Norm been having late night dinners with the New Democrats of Carolyn Parrish?