23 December 2005

It's actually really simple...

The Conservatives have moved the Goose Bay battalion promised in June to Trenton.

Inkless Wells over at Macleans has it right. Not a single report in this province has delved into the obvious crap being foisted by the Harper camp.

Here's the ultimate answer to the bullsh** being pushed by the Conservatives to someone who has asked about the Connie's phantom Goose Bay battalion. It's a simple set of logicial propositions.

1. Yesterday's announcement was about defending the North.

2. Goose Bay is in the North.

3. Goose Bay was mentioned in the release. It got promised something it's already getting.

4. The need for a rapid-reaction force was mentioned too. In June, the Connies promised that rapid reaction force to Goose Bay.

5. Now the Conservatives say the rapid-reaction force for Goose Bay will come out of Trenton.

So, I ask you, logically, why would the Conservatives be saving their battalion for Goose for an announcement to be made later?

It doesn't make any sense.

So if anyone has asked about this and been told the Goose bay promise is safe:

you are being bullshitted.

There's no other answer.

If the bullshit is coming from one of the local Connie incumbents, then you can tell one thing more:

Neither of them has any pull in Ottawa with Stephen Harper.

You might be on to a much bigger story than the one in Goose Bay.