07 December 2005

Morrow to beat Manning

Lawyer Bill Morrow will carry the Liberal banner in Avalon.

The CBC report carries a bizarre comment: "Sandwiched between the twin Tory stronghold seats based in St. John's and Liberal-dominated ridings in the rest of the province, Avalon is emerging as the most interesting riding to watch."

Avalon is on the western border of both the St. John's ridings and drawfs them both in size. It is not "sandwiched" between them by any stretch of anyones imagination.

To call the St. john's seats "Tory strongholds" is also not based on the last voting results.

But hey, while everyone was quick to start the attacks on Art Reid, theirs was a pre-mature escalation of the political contest.

Now we can see a solid race in Avalon.

and the switcheroo in St. John's.