03 December 2005

The smell of fear

Check out the telegram today on page A5.

Bottom of the page.

Big ad by Loyola Hearn with the headline "Provincial MHA's endorse Loyola Hearn".

There's Loyola in a posed picture surrounded by all the Conservative House member's from within his riding. There's even Loyola Sullivan looking a tad like something's up his backside that shouldn't be there, and Speaker Harvey Hodder.

There's two things about this ad that scream Loyola's fear of losing:

1. Last time out, Loyola couldn't get the endorsement of any Tories. People wouldn't work for him.

Then after the whole thing was over, Loyola got into a pissing match with Danny.

2. The ad talks about "Standing up for Newfoundland and Labrador".

Here's Loyola's record on the offshore:

1985 - As cabinet minister in Peckford, voted in favour of what he would later denounce as revenue clawbacks for Equalization.

2004 - Issues householder at taxpayer expense with factual errors about deal he voted for in 1985.

2005 - Encouraged to vote for offshore deal and put province before party

2005 - Gets exceedingly pissy when people expect him to live up to the same standards he used to politically bludgeon others.

2005 - In the final votes, supports the offshore bill and then votes to bring down the government. Hearn voted for the Province before he voted against it.

When choosing between party and province, Hearn chose party.

He took Harper over Hamlyn Road.

I smell fear in St. John's South-Mount Pearl. And it's coming from the little fellow from Renews.

I wonder if this time he will be willing to debate his opponents.