27 December 2005

What is so important here?

There's a great scene in A bridge too far where a German general at Arhem wonders what is so important that thousands of British paratroops are dropping from the sky to capture?

Completely ignoring the bridge that would open the drive into Germany, Walter Model immediately concludes the paratroops are coming to capture him.

Stephen Harper better be careful.

Talk of deploying all sorts of new rapid-reaction, airborne battalions to Trenton and Goose Bay in addition to the one in Ottawa may start people wondering what he is really up to.

After all, the Arctic just isn't under threat and the entire crowd of people living up there are hardly likely to mount a separatist campaign. The Danes aren't about to come streaming across from Greenland.

So what gives?

It could just be crass electioneering. That's my bet.

But a conspiratorial mind, like say the kind of mindset that comes from the Conservative Party's blogging community, might lead one to dig out a book from the 1980s by retired General Dan Loomis. While there wouldn't be more glory now than there was before, the three rapid reaction battalions, in addition to the one already stationed in New Brunswick seem poised to look inward rather than outward.

That is, if the Charest government falls at the next provincial election.

Conspiracies are wonderful things to muse about but at least when they are offered here, my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek.

Of course, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be worthwhile pondering Mr. Harper's real intentions.