10 April 2006

Current goes bi-weekly

Following is a news release issued today by the publisher of Current announcing the provocative tabloid will be going bi-weekly.

One of Current's more famous recent covers was the one at left featuring Andy Wells with a ballgag stuffed in his mouth. [Photo: Greg Locke/ballgag: Our Pleasure]

Current is distributed free of charge in the metro St. John's area. There are no plans to change that.

Current celebrates 7th anniversary with plans to publish bi-weekly.

The free monthly newspaper Current is pleased to announce that it is celebrating its 7th anniversary with plans to become a bi-weekly publication. Mark Smith, publisher and co-owner says, "Current has grown from its early days as a small, alternative newspaper to the point where today, the paper is widely-read and a consistently profitable part the St. John's media marketplace. Nationally, 'free' periodicals are one of the few growth areas in the newspaper business and Current is firmly established in that niche."

When Current was launched in 1999 it was a labour of love. Sometimes the paper made money and sometimes it didn't. Roger Bill, Current's editor and Smith's partner says, "Current is still a labour of love for the people who work on it, but newspapers are a business. We have gotten great support from our advertisers, our bottom line is solid, and we think Current's is strong enough to take the next step."

In addition to publishing every two weeks Current is also investing in an upgrade of its online presence at www.currentmag.ca. Greg Locke, a veteran photojournalist and original editor of the Sunday Independent newspaper, will become the Online Editor of the new, dynamic and interactive website. Locke says users of the online edition can expect, "daily news, commentary, local information, lively discussion and debate. "A dynamic online service not only allows for more timely coverage and delivery of information but gives a direct and immediate voice to the public."

Starting on Thursday, April 27 Current will begin publishing every two weeks. "The support from both readers and advertisers with the idea of increased frequency has been tremendous," says Smith.