06 April 2006

Dawn of the In-dead-pendent?

A year ago, The Independent was running radio spots telling us all that to be informed everyone had to read the Spindy.

Now the former managing editor is trying to revive the paper with an appeal for people to subscribe and advertise in it. (Of course, they published their last number almost a week ago.)

Perhaps the next thing will be a ragged- arsed writer standing outside Coffee and Company holding out a sign that reads "Will investigatively report for food".

The paper went out of business with some dignity last weekend.

If people wanted to support the Indy they would have done it already. They didn't. Maybe some people's energy would be better spent figuring out what went wrong and trying again with a new venture. It would beat the hell out of making a mockery of the last edition of a newspaper a lot of people thought very highly of.

There is a need around this province for a genuinely new voice.

We just don't need one that lurches about moaning "uunnnnnnnh" all the time.