21 April 2006

Ellsworth big winner in city hall controversy

While former mayor Shannie Duff deserves credit for standing up to bullying mayor Andy Wells, the big winner in the whole controversy is newbie councillor Ron Ellsworth. [That's a RealPlayer link]

His comments on the issue of council operations have been thoughtful, sane and professional. Ellsworth is pushing his colleagues to do their homework before coming to meetings, to address issues not personalities and to stick to their plans like the city budget. He's also been willing to take a stand on issues without having to check to see which way the political wind is blowing.

If Wells doesn't stick around as mayor for any reason, Ellsworth should take a run at the city's top job. Much speculation around town has Ellsworth looking at provincial politics in 2007. There are plenty of good candidates in the St. John's area. Ellsworth's talents are needed to sort out the province's biggest city.

Ellsworth is still young. There's plenty of time for other things.

In the meantime, residents of St. John's will benefit from Ellsworth's common sense approach to governing. Let's hope he doesn't prematurely use his council seat as a springboard to provincial politics.

There's a job at city hall for him to do first.