28 April 2006

The depths of PETA's ignorance

In their ongoing efforts to prove how looney they are, PETA recently took a swipe at the Inuit people of Canada who wound up as collateral damage in PETA's campaign against the busby's worn by the five regiments of Foot Guards in the United Kingdom. [Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish, and Welsh]

Seems PETA didn't know Inuit hunt polar bears when they suggested Inuit were "more likely to hunt Santa's elves" rather than bears.

Apparently too neither PETA nor the members of parliament understood where the bearskins for the busbys comes from. Ministry of Defence officials waded in at the end of the tussle to point out that the bearskins are acquired from a humane population-control policy in various Canadian provinces.

Of course, PETA didn't take notice of the fact that the army has been unable to find a synthetic alternative or that on average a busby last 40 years.