21 April 2006

Wells apologizes...sort of

Faced with overwhelming public condemnation for his bullying behaviour, St. John's mayor Andy Wells decided to apologize publicly to former mayor and current councillor Shannie Duff for remarks he made about her a couple of weeks ago.

Only a couple of days ago, Wells was unrepentant, insisting that politics is a rough game and he will always "call it like he sees it." In this case, calling it meant referring to Duff as "a stupid old woman" and an arrogant snob. Wells has called others "stupid", "moron" and a host of other epithets.

Duff wasn't the first to be on the receiving end of Wells' bully-boy behaviour in Wells' 27 years on city council.

She likely won't be the last. Wells' apology specifically referred to comments that have drawn province-wide condemnation and that have led many to say publicly Wells is unfit to take the position on the offshore oil and gas regulatory board Premier Danny Williams has been pushing Wells for.

According to VOCM.com, Wells said that "he has to take his fair share of responsibility, but that it's not a "one man show" at City Hall."

Note that Wells' never admitted his behaviour was wrong and that he won't do it again.