19 February 2008

Old whine in old skins, or it takes one to know one

Danny Williams told reporters today that he doesn't like Loyola Hearn announcing what Williams thinks is "old money".

He thinks it's disingenuous since, as Williams alone characterizes, there's an effort to make people believe it's new money that Heanr's been announcing.

Goodness knows, Bond Papers isn't a big fan of Loyola Hearn, but the only disingenuousness here is coming from Williams.

Firstly, the only person talking about misleading people is Williams and that's one of his old tactics: Williams makes an accusation and then treats his accusation as if it were fact. He puts words in others' mouths or falsely attributes motives. Ask Roger Grimes for example, or your humble e-scribbler about it. Just because Danny says it doesn't make it a fact.

Secondly, when it comes to the old Tobinite trick of reannouncing announcements previously announced, there is no one better at it than Danny Williams himself. Here's a link - from three years ago - that makes the point with tons of evidence. Times haven't changed, at least for the provincial government.

In the case of the money for the Trailway, the money is as old as the provincial money that goes with it; the cash just wasn't publicly announced before. Williams is likely just miffed that in the CRA polling period he's saddled with a bunch of bad news while Hearn managed to get one over on him.

Danny just discovered what it feels like to get politically goosed in Gander. Ask Steve Harper about it. No one in the public should like these petty political ganes, but, this little episode is a reminder to the ordinary people of the province that the Danny-Steve feud is just tiresome and silly.