07 February 2008

The tale of the tape

Cash register tape, as well as the stuff pouring out of adding machines in both the Clinton and Obama campaigns for the Democratic nomination.

American political campaigns are expensive affairs with paid staffers and heavy expenses across the continent.

Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama each raised US$100 million in 2007 and, as Associated Press reports, Obama has raised another $7.6 million since Super Tuesday. He raised $32 million in January 2008 alone.

Meanwhile, Hilary loaned her campaign $5.0 million from her own personal funds to keep the fight going in the run up to Super Tuesday.

At a more mundane level, consider that pretty well every major political campaign these days has some form of campaign store. It started out in the 2004 presidential campaign with Howard Dean and online fundraising, most notably through cafepress.com. Sir Robert just opened his own tchochke emporium. cough. cough.

Since Dean paved the way, democraticstuff.com has taken on the market for merchandise geared specifically for candidates for just one party. That's how big the political market for geegaws and online fundraising has become in four short years. Go to any Democratic candidate's website and odds are the "store" link will lead you back to a d-stuff.