23 February 2008

The Saturday Morning Funnies

1.  nottawa, as usual, with few words but devastating impact: a bunch of short snappers on Connie patronage appoints, Ralph Nader and asymmetrical federalism.

2. labradore, as usual with a few more words, but equally devastating impact:  Danny Williams record for keeping the legislature closed.

3.  Almost immediate update:  The current provincial administration seems to have problems with two things:  keeping personal records and keeping personal records private.

This idea from google would be awesome.

Except that no one in the provincial government knows what google is.

It's a bit of a local, inside joke, but follow the links and you'll get it.


Staff working for office of the Chief Information Officer were baffled last week trying to figure out how they could possibly fit health records on every resident of the province into google, left.