11 February 2008

Spot the teacher

There's a decent profile of a fledgling politician in the latest edition of the Advertiser. Many people don't know what the job is like; even people who run for the job get a rude shock when they finally get into office.

Sullivan appears straightforward, sincere and quite engaging. She comes across as typical of the people who get into politics in this province and elsewhere.

Most people would call what Sullivan has been through an orientation session to give her the basic administrative details of her new job. The constant references to "in-servicing" labels her as a teacher. Maybe the writer is but odds are she is just repeating the word Sullivan used.

Perhaps her constant requests for the "rubric" kept some of the presenters smiling and ensured the otherwise boring proceedings were somewhat bearable. Undoubtedly, Sullivan found the "exemplars" to be especially useful since after all, a mere "example" wouldn't suffice if one is engaged in instructional pursuits. (j/k)

On a serious note, isn't it interesting that this MHA has discovered it makes sense to have her constituency assistant in St. John's?